Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What Dreams May Come-Creating the Perfect Library Space

The Kansas City Public Library

I found this picture last week and I can't stop looking at it. For me books are magical all by themselves, but to see them like this gives reading a whole new look. I'm inspired  that the design is made up of books and not cell phones, tablets or a Kindle. If that labels me old-fashioned, then I guess I am.

One thing that is vital to creating a thriving and used library is a dedication to not only design, but redesign as times, trends and patron interests evolve. Here at HHS, we are nearing completion of a makeover in the Library Media Center that includes new tables, chairs, couches, more student use devices and of course books, in both print and e-format. 

We are excited beyond belief and to watch the students' reactions to the changes has added to the experience. Kids notice everything!

The best libraries are adaptable. Our goal hasn't changed with the times. A library is a space for the discovery of information, ideas and stories. We just have more ways than ever to go about doing it. 

Once we have all the new additions practically perfect in every way, I'll post pictures. 

You're going to like the way we look!   

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