Sunday, April 24, 2016

Still Waiting....

Nine days ago I walked into the beautiful Desert Broom branch of the Phoenix Public Library in hope of getting contact information for the branch administration for the purpose of this assignment. As I stated in my last post, I didn't like doing a cold-call. That staff was quite friendly and the woman helping me remarked that patrons comment frequently about the lack of contact info made available to the public. (So it's not just me.) However, even after I explained who I was, told her about my assignment and that I'd submitted to Ask-A-Librarian for assistance I still had to ask if there was a business card for the Branch Manager (both she and the Assistant Manager weren't in the building). I asked and received.

So I sent a the Branch Manager an email. I did politely mention the Ask-A-Librarian thing and I complimented the staff. I also made a little desert library joke about the rattle snake that was found while I was there (just outside the front entrance).

I'm still waiting for a reply from her.

And yes, I did check my spam, just in case.

Phoenix, like most cities in the U.S., is prepping its 2016/2017 fiscal budget for approval. There are huge proposed cuts to library service and all city departments if a property tax increase isn't approved. (I picked up a fabulous brochure outlining the proposed budget at the library that day.) Perhaps my timing is off, perhaps the fact that I work for another system is an issue. Who knows?

What I do know is that now I feel determined to complete this assignment, very out-of-the-box, since I can't seem to get inside the library.

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