Friday, July 3, 2015

Libraries Without Limits: Exploring Alternative Library Models Part 2

At first glance at the Desert Foothills Library website you might think I'm wrong to include them as an alternative Library model. The events calendar is full of programing options for all ages, including after-hours activities for teens on a few Friday nights. The mission statement, vision and values are in in alignment with the American Library Associations Library Bill of Rights.

Scroll around a bit more and you'll discover that the branch offers free home delivery of library materials. Given that Cave Creek has a population a little over 5,000 (2010 census) this isn't surprising, but the fact that it's offered demonstrates how connected the library is to its community.

That same level of hospitality applies to the staff if my communication with Executive Director David Court is any indication. Mr. Court responded to my email request for an interview for the purposes of this blog project promptly and with enthusiasm. Within thirty-six hours I had an interview with both him and the Head Librarian set up.

As I study the website more, I will be compelling a list of questions that I'll submit to him in advance.  Currently, I'm curious about the role volunteers play and how their responsibilities differ from the volunteers in my own system. No library can survive without volunteers. And naturally I'm eager to understand their membership and funding structure. 

Check back next week for my list of questions!

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