Monday, July 27, 2015

Libraries Without Limits: Exploring Alternative Library Models Part 6

I'd like to extend a huge thank you to Executive Director David Court and Head Librarian Colleen Crowley of the Desert Foothills Library for allowing me to come visit and discuss the joys and challenges of library service in the digital age. I enjoyed the fellowship and left feeling affirmed that all libraries are more alike than different, no matter how they're funded.

I'd be remiss however if I failed to extend a thank you to the other staff members and the volunteers I did not meet on my visit. Their hard work behind the scenes is a huge part of why the library and its website are so welcoming and useful. Good library service involves aspects not visible to the patron, like the whirlwind of activity in the backroom as materials come and go. 

I did have the opportunity to meet the volunteers who run the used bookstore Chapter 2 Books and I strongly encourage any book lover to go shop there. Just give yourself plenty of time to browse because it will take a while!

The best part of this assignment is purely selfish on my part because I now have a new library to use and enjoy, mere minutes from my home. 

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